Nanode RF


BuildGuide For Nanode RF



Please follow steps to the Classic Build Guide but DO NOT ADD THE 5v REGULATOR at Step 41.

Step 1 – RF Kit List

You will probably have purchased your RF alongside a Classic. Look for a small bag inside the pink anti-static bag and you will find two components: a length of wire, the rf module.


Board-ready-for-RFStep 2 – Leave off the 5V Regulator

Build the Classic up to the point where you fit the 5v5 Regular. (Step 41) You can fit the regulator after you have soldered in the RF module, it’s easier that way.

RF-on-board-without-ariel2Step 3 – Position Of RF Module

Ensure that you put the component the correct way on the board with the 10MhZ crystal lining up with the edge of the board. Be sure that each pad lines up with each ‘bucket’ on the rf module and then fill in all 14 solder points.

ariel-CU2Step 4- Attach the Ariel

Take the yellow wire and strip off 3mm or so so you can solder it into onto the pcb. Measure the wire and if necessary cut it at 8cm in length.

ariel-in-socketStep 5 – Attach Ariel To Board

Be sure that you attache the ariel through the correct hole, you will see ANT written on the board. Insert from the front side, solder underneath and snip any wire excess off with side wire cutters.

photoplacementStep 5 – Finished

You now have a Nanode RF. Be sure to email us at and show us what you have done with your Nanode so we can showcase it.