BlackIce is Here!

At last  – after nearly a year in development – the new myStorm BlackIce open-source FPGA board is now available in production quantities.

BlackIce is a unique combination of low cost FPGA and ARM Cortex M4 microcontroller to provide a powerful platform with which to experiment with FPGAs, and

New for 2016 – The Nanode 2016!

In the last few months, Nanode has taken a new direction, it being at least a couple of years since any new hardware was produced. The reasons for this is that it became increasingly difficult to come up with cost effective innovative designs when stuck somewhere between Raspberry Pi at

Getting to know Nanode and Winode Hardware

Part 1. Using  the SD Card and RTC to make a 4 channel datalogger.


Nanode and Winode are something of a departure from the usual Arduino hardware, and when functioning as a pair, form a unique extension of the Arduino platform to include ethernet and low power wireless connectivity.

New Product Announcement – The Nanode Gateway

The new Nanode Gateway produced by Wicked Device provides a platform for the creative development of web connected devices, and with the use of low power RF, extends this connectivity well beyond the reach of normal WiFi devices.

This is the first Nanode product to fully utilise surface mount manufacture and is

Building Wireless Sensing Networks – using Open Source Hardware

Over the last couple of days, I have been busy setting up a wireless sensor network as part of the preparations in readiness for a web controlled central heating and energy monitor system.

The various hardware modules are all open source designs – and I chose to use a mix

Using Nanode RF and WiNode for Server driven control

For the last couple of years I have been looking at simple low cost methods of measuring analogue data – such as that from temperature or humidity sensors placed around the house and getting that data up to a cloud based server for datalogging and visualisation.

With the introduction of

Nanode Used In Flying Robot Designed To Save Lives

Two Nandoes were used in the design of a flying robot that is being used by disaster relief organisations to help save lives.  One of the Nanode’s acts as a radiation detector with a choice of sensors with the other Nanode controlling weather sensors. Both these Nanodes  communicate with the

2012 Events to look forward to!

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This year promises a lot of new and exciting developments in the models of Nanodes and Accessories available, also we’ll be starting various projects including sending a weather balloon into space! Stay tuned for more..

New Official Nanode Store Now Open!

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Hey guys and gals! Thanks for bearing with us while we got our new store up and running this January..

You’ll all be pleased to know that it’s now fully stocked, fully operational and shipping across the UK and Internationally! Woo hoo!

Click here to visit The Official Nanode Shop

No #1 Internet of Things 2011 Winner!

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After many months of hard work, late nights and running around. With your continued support we managed to come up trumps in the Internet of things awards 2011 taking first place prize! Many thanks to you all for your support, and to the people involved. Thanks to Debbie for keeping