New Product Announcement – The Nanode Gateway

The new Nanode Gateway produced by Wicked Device provides a platform for the creative development of web connected devices, and with the use of low power RF, extends this connectivity well beyond the reach of normal WiFi devices.

This is the first Nanode product to fully utilise surface mount manufacture and is being offered as a factory assembled unit.

The Nanode Gateway is making it’s first appearance at the World MakerFaire this weekend in New York City, where Wicked Device will be demonstrating it.

Nanode Gateway uses low power 433MHz wireless to form a bidirectional link between the internet and remote sensors.  Within the home and garden environment the Gateway has a range exceeding 300 feet. It can be purchased either with or without the radio transceiver, but this can easily be added later.

The Nanode Gateway allows you to connect sensor networks – for example environmental or weather sensors, to the internet for web based data logging and visualisation. The bidirectional wireless link allows the remote control of devices using relays or actuators providing the means for web controlled home automation.

Now it is possible to connect sensors all around your home and garden back to the internet, and control external devices using a web browser interface.

  • Combines Ethernet and low power 433MHz wireless connectivity on an Arduino compatible platform.
  • Provides a gateway for low power wireless devices to connect to the internet – with a range exceeding 300 feet.
  • Wireless link allows monitoring and control of remote sensors and devices
  • Open Source Hardware and Open Wireless Protocol used throughout.
  • ATmega328 microcontroller programmed using Arduino IDE
  • Supports up to 30 slave sensors or devices
  • Low cost, and expandable using Arduino like shields
  • Used in the Air Quality Egg and Open Energy Monitor Projects
  • A building block of the Internet of Things
  • Manufactured in the USA by Wicked Device.

The Nanode Gateway will shortly be available in the UK, and we will be taking pre-orders, from those interested in this product from Monday 1st October.

Update: Here is a great blog post on how to use the Nanode as both a gateway and a wireless end point, to send data from the web, and out over wireless.


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