Nanode can has Toast?

Nanode at Open Hardware Summit 2011

Ken Boak from the Nanode team and Vic Aprea of Wicked Device have been at Open Hardware Summit 2011 in the New York Hall of Science for one of the biggest Maker Faires in America.

Pachube/Nanode Event at London Hackspace 1 Sept 2011

Invitation: Pachube/Nanode evening at London Hackspace, Thursday 1 Sept Hello, After months of exciting progress and more than a handful of remarkable milestones Nanode is coming home: Ken Boak, the creator of this low-cost Internet-enabled microcontroller will visit the London Hackspace next week on Thursday 1 Sept, and with him

Nanode Presentation to OxHack

The one thing I like about Nanode is that it gets you out of the house. A chance Tweet from Oleg Lavrosky from OxHack, suggesting that I join them in Oxford on Sunday seemed a much better option than messing about in the garden. Having packed my “hack-pack”, grabbed my