Schematics & Gerbers

Here is a list of Schematics and Gerbers for Nanode products. We’ll update this page as we drag more out of the woodwork

Nanode 5

Nanode 5 PCB Schematic – Solderpad

Nanode 5 Schematic – PDF

Nanode RF

Nanode RF PCB Schematic – Solderpad

Nanode RF Schematic – PDF

Wi-Node Series

Wi-Node PCB Schematic – Solderpad                                 Wi-Node Schematic – PDF (Alternative)

Wi-Node Schematic – PDF                                                       Wi-Node Schematic – Eagle CAD

Wi-Node Board Layout – PDF                                                Wi-Node Schematic – CAD Schematic


One Comment on "Schematics & Gerbers"

  1. Dave says:

    Hi there team Nanode

    Can you please tell me when new stock will be available? Also are there any plans to make a Nanode Mega style controller?



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