Schematics & Gerbers

Here is a list of Schematics and Gerbers for Nanode products. We’ll update this page as we drag more out of the woodwork

Nanode 5

Nanode 5 PCB Schematic – Solderpad

Nanode 5 Schematic – PDF

Nanode RF

Nanode RF PCB Schematic – Solderpad

Nanode RF Schematic – PDF

Wi-Node Series

Wi-Node PCB Schematic – Solderpad                                 Wi-Node Schematic – PDF (Alternative)

Wi-Node Schematic – PDF                                                       Wi-Node Schematic – Eagle CAD

Wi-Node Board Layout – PDF                                                Wi-Node Schematic – CAD Schematic


2 Comments on "Schematics & Gerbers"

  1. Dave says:

    Hi there team Nanode

    Can you please tell me when new stock will be available? Also are there any plans to make a Nanode Mega style controller?



    • nanode says:

      Hi, as you can see we have new stock as of today. We have paired our range down to three products, The Nanode Classic, The Nanode RF and the Winode. Ken Boak has a lot of product ideas in the pipeline and we will be announcing our news at the end of September 2012.

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