The People

Nanode started its life at London Hackspace, in early 2011 and now runs out of The Centre For Creative Collaboration based in North London. We have only been going since June 2011 and is the brain-child of Ken Boak. We run on coffee,  good will and hard work.

Our mission is to supply everyone from hobbyists, to tinkers, those who want to involve themselves with Energy Monitoring. We don’t have a physical shop and operate via the internet, thus keeping costs down. We hope to supply re-sellers by the end of May 2012 once we have settled in a bit more.

We hope you like our products and would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions about how we could improve our service. If there are products you think Ken should invent then he is always on the lookout for ideas. Please email:

Debbie Davies – MD of Nanode

Debbie Davies

Not very technical

So far as technology goes Debbie is on a steep learning curve. She first approached Ken with a view to him designing her an inverter for with her wearable  light-up creations   Acton Street Designs . It just so happened that Ken needed some help on the Nanode, so she stared off doing kitting for him and  over the last few months her involvement with Nanode progressed.

I wouldn’t ask her anything too technical quite yet, as she is still very much learning. Ultimately Debbie is a creative and is Artist In Residence at  The Centre For Creative Collaboration, in London where she has a studio and where Nanode is now based. She is also part of the management team there. When Ken Boak left to take an electronics engineering job in California in February 2012, Debbie took over the running of Nanode. She has plans to move Nanode into new markets, particularly in the area of education.

Ken Boak – Head of Electronic Design

A freelance electronics engineer working with microcontrollers, telecoms and low power wireless. Applications include energy saving, renewable energy and communications aids for the disabled. Ken keeps a blog of his developments.




There are obviously others, we are Open Source and so didn’t get this far without loads of help. I just don’t have time right now to write about anyone else but I will do. (Date of this note April 6th 2012.)