Nanode has a wide range of applications, uses and functions to play.

One particular area we plan to specialise in is education. Since the world is becoming increasingly ‘digital’ it pays in many ways to know something about all this stuff.

We plan to offer friendly and useful, but worth while to know education, material, resources, hardware, software, videos, pictures, the lot! For the young, the old, girls, boys, men, women, school children, even teenagers. Teachers, everyday people, ..the list goes on.

Our goal is to create simple and friendly media, courses and connections across the UK and eventually overseas. These will be designed for people who would like to know a bit more about all this ‘stuff’ but have little or no background in it, or don’t know much or anything about electronics or software, the internet or any of this stuff they call ‘tech’, ‘future-tech’ or technology.

So for example, we will begin running courses and workshops ourselves, as free to attend groups or paid short courses in electronics basics, what all this stuff is and what it can do and how you do it!

We want to open peoples eye to the ways in which it can be useful to the world and our everyday lives. But more importantly be interesting, creative, colourful. It’s not just for geeks and phd graduates. A lot of it is actually quite simple, there is loads of stuff on the web, and you can just copy and paste stuff into your own ‘sketches’ (programs that they use) and hey presto!’ve just made a ‘thing-a-mee-jig’!

We want to show people how simple it can be, where you would look things like this up in the first place, what you need to know, what you don’t need to know if you just want to tinker or play with it. Let’s face it, most of us can’t program! and we don’t need to (sweet.) ..that’s what we’re here for along with the tech community. The internet has connected people of all kinds with all kinds of knowledge to share and use together. Which means we all get better stuff. It’s known as Open Source and it’s pretty good stuff. We’re doing a whole section on open source which is definitely worth a peek!